❤️ Girls Who Code 2018 ❤️

Working at Girls Who Code as a coding Instructor was one of the best experiences that I've ever had. I've learned so much from my colleagues, those lovely girls, and everyone else I met while working there. Can't wait to see the journey we are all embarking on. So grateful for everyone who has supported, encouraged and helped me along the way ❤️.

our own Spotify List - GWC SIP @ Accenture 🙌

Section I - Preparation

Onboard training session at Atlanta. 


Prior to GWC, I also registered a course/workshop on teaching in a differentiated classroom at Teacher's College, Columbia University. I've met people who came from across the country and the world, people have been working in the education fields for years and decades. 

This training session and workshop provided me with tons of teaching techniques that I could apply to my own class, and helped me to be more confident and ready at teaching

People |Day-to-day life| Final projects 👩‍🏫‍