My name is Christine. 

I code👩‍💻, design🎨, and inspire👩‍🏫. 

Fun fact: I'm also a Pilates Instructor (certified by Equinox)🤸‍♀️. 

Youtube - I share stuff to help people learn & grow

During my senior year at college, I came across one career advice by Julie Zhuo, VP of design for Facebook, that says, "Are you self-aware and are you proactive". It was a game-changer for me and I remembered and practiced it on a daily basis when I was at Alibaba. Here's what I've learned. 

#Meeting Julie In Person

Featured Projects

ParQr (2016)


Mobile App Design

Putting Parking in your pocket.

In this capstone project, our team designed a parking app that makes parking easier than ever for Athens community. 

My Role: Content Creation

Tools: wordpress, Adobe Premier. 

Time spending: One semester

Parenting App (2018)


Mobile App Design Project

Target audiences: New parents

Tools: Marvel App, HTML/CSS/JS

A parenting app design that intended to help parents to spend quality time with infant or toddlers. 

Time Spending: 1.5 Months

Learning the Learning (2017)


Instructional Design Project

Audiences: K-12 & College Students

The project is a crowdsourcing social platform that serves as a supplemental tool for learners to use after school.

Stock Investment Hacks (2018)


Curriculum/workshop Design

Model: Teaching for Understanding (TFU) model by Martha Stone Wiske. 

Target audience: 3-4 graders

Goals: Helping kids to cultivate a longterm healthy relationship with money. 

We will make you talk (2018)


Design project

Model: TFU model 

Audiences: college students 

Goals: to boost their self confidence and create effective social bondings with other people. 

Personal Website


IDE: Atom


Run-through Video

Side Project - Easern Minds Alike

Integrating Ancient Chinese Pearls of Wisdom to the west, helping people to nurture a better inner world.


As a Chinese, I am very proud of my culture, and I think there are so much we can learn from the ancient Chinese people. I studied ancient Chinese (文言文) since elementary school and has been obsessed about ancient Chinese culture since I was little. 

I wish to try my best to let people to know about China, Chinese culture/history/art, Chinese people, and to understand Chinese way of thinking. 

What else do I do???

When I am not coding, teaching, or designing, you can find me busy with creating art, dabbing into a variety of medium/media.

As a Studio Art minor back in college, a lot of my art creations are centered around photography and video installation. I also took classes in painting, drawing, interior design, art history, hypermedia, and new media. 

I have lots of passion for creating. During my spare time, I also make YouTube videos, and writing on Medium in both English and Chinese (Editor of Stories from the 20s to the 20s), hoping to help people learn and grow.


Personal Favorite Quotes

Dr. Joe Dispenza

The best way to predict your future is to create it, not from the known but from the unknown. 


If you let yourself blossom as a human being, you will find that you don't belong to any mold. 

James C. Collins

Two mediocre companies would not make a great company. 

- Good to Great

Angela Ahrendts

Emotive energy transcends normal communication in rational ways of working. 

the Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Contact Me

Let me know if you have any questions for me.

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